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EFT Has a 70-90% Success Rate

RESEARCH AND EFT Previously, Carol employed some of the most effective and extensively researched therapeutic approaches over her years as a therapist. However, having witnessed and experienced the remarkable outcomes of EFT, she now exclusively specializes in this method. EFT for couples, also referred to as EFCT, is a sophisticated and thoroughly researched model with […]

The Goals of EFT

Essentially, the objective of EFT in CHC couples therapy is to support you as a couple in recognizing the established patterns that negatively impact your relationship. The aim is to guide you in discovering fresh approaches to modify these emotional and behavioral patterns collaboratively, leading to the cultivation of more moments filled with love and […]

Investing in Your Relationship with EFT

Investing in your relationship with Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT, a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, is an enduring commitment that will yield benefits for years to come. Throughout this shared journey, you will gain a profound understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship—more than any other form of therapy can offer. EFT has a 70-90% […]

Mental Health Benefits of a Secure and Happy Relationship

A happy and healthy relationship affects all aspects of one’s life. So, depending on how your relationship problems are manifesting,  you may experience some or many of the following as a result of a secure and happy relationship: reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and or PTSD better physical health and wellbeing feeling cherished by your […]

The Ripple Effect of EFT

As parents, the positive changes in your relationship can create a ripple effect on your children. Witnessing their parents engaging in affectionate interactions may contribute to a sense of relaxation for the kids. The enhanced connection between the two of you not only offers this immediate comfort but also serves as a valuable example. By […]

The Key to EFT

Safety, yes safety, is the Key to EFT Establishing a secure environment for exploring and processing your connection is a crucial element of EFT. This involves creating a warm, supportive, and compassionate space to ensure that you and your partner feel secure and comfortable. The absence of safety during the session can hinder the effectiveness […]

Technical Requirements for Online Therapy

Important details for TeleHealth sessions: Ensure a reliable internet connection with fast bandwidth, including a good upload speed. Choose a private space for your session to maintain confidentiality, and consider using a smartphone white noise app to block any unintended listeners. Treat the virtual session as if you were in the office, sitting near each […]

CHC Specializes in EFT

Specializing in fostering healthy connections, Creating Healthy Connections focuses on using Emotionally Focused Therapy, one of the most extensively researched attachment-based therapies globally. Couples often grapple with a range of issues, spanning communication hurdles, intimacy challenges, infidelity, parenting complexities, and more. Seeking assistance can be a challenging decision, as couples typically wait until six years […]

Divorce vs. EFT Therapy

EFT Can be a Valuable Investment A complete therapy process can be expensive, but divorce is far more costly, both emotionally, financially and in other ways. Divorce could cost you ten times as much as therapy–maybe more–and could uproot you, your spouse, and your children. If there’s even a small chance your relationship could survive […]

Individual Therapy during Couples Therapy and What to Know

The primary goal of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, EFCT, is to help partners safely turn towards one another in times of distress and to work through their problems from the past and present for the rest of their relationship together, rather than turning to an individual or couple therapist when things go wrong. That said, […]