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Powerful Vulnerability Interview for Couples

James Thomas, MFT and EFT Practitioner, shares his wisdom and insights on the radio show ‘Love Pong’, a Conscious Caring segment about how very different Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples is  compared to other couple therapies.  James does such a beautiful job enlightening the interviewer and helping him understand the importance of vulnerability, that he […]

What is the difference between Neediness and sharing your Needs?

So the topic of expressing needs vs. being needy came up recently and I thought this was such an important issue that ‘needs’ to be more fully explored and understood.  It is not easy letting your partner know your needs, especially when there have been very negative interactional cycles hijacking your relationship and not allowing […]

Marriage Counseling help about Infidelity, Verbal Abuse and Soulmates

 Even if you are in ongoing marriage counseling or couples therapy or just want to know about very important issues that plague all relationships, read on and watch this video presentation from Dr. Susan Johnson, the primary developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Her wisdom on cheating and what it represents(minute 4:50 ) for both partners […]