Premarital Counseling

As your wedding day approaches or your decision to commit your life to your significant other draws ever closer, there is a nagging sense that something is ‘off’.  Even so, you push those worries aside hoping things will get better, but they don’t.  The negative patterns between the two of you continue to grow.

So, you press on with your relationship, despite the increasing discomfort in areas of communication, intimacy, and feelings of disconnection and frustration. This isn’t unusual because most couples choose to seek help, on average, six years later than recommended or six years later than when they wish they had started.

Premarital therapy may not only bring about a deeper more lasting connection with one another in the present, but it may also stave off future hardships in the marriage. Ultimately, couples therapy can help a couple weather the turbulent storms of life that bring about events such as depression, losses, transitions involving the birth of a child, new job assignments, relocation, traumatic events, death and dying, anxiety provoking experiences, or whatever life may toss at them.

If yours is a new or recent relationship and you struggle with understanding each other more fully or feel as if something is missing, emotionally or physically, rather than ignoring all those unsettled questions and hoping things will turn around, it may best to seek help now, rather than waiting for a crisis to make things worse.

Let CHC help you take the necessary steps to more fully understand your relationship with your partner by reaching out for premarital couple counseling with someone trained and experienced to help you move forward. Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT, is a Certified EFT Therapist with nearly 30 years of experience and can provide the help you need in the form of Emotionally Focused Therapy, one of the most effective and empirically validated  forms of couples therapy available.

If you are ready to bridge the gap of disconnection and move towards a secure, loving, and fulfilling relationship, please contact CHC today.

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