Carol offers highly effective EFT Therapy for couples in distress licensed in Maryland, AZ, CA, NV, CO.

How Could This Have Happened?!

When you discover the affair, you feel as if you stomach has been turned inside out and your world has been turned upside down.  At times, you wondered if it was true, because so much wasn’t adding up.  Then again, you didn’t really want to know if your partner was turning to someone or something else. It is such a betrayal and it feels so raw, as though the pain will never stop and no one could possibly know how bad it feels, except you.

It is hard to believe, but there is help available in the form of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT and Certified EFT Couples and Family Therapist, can help when affairs have been discovered.  While guarantees cannot be made in every case, there have been many instances of success and even harder to believe, couples who have experienced this type of rupture in their relationship, can come back even stronger than ever.

The couple meets weekly and sometimes twice weekly, because the crisis is so unbearable, overtime they can begin to understand their cycles of disconnection and start to help each other out of them.  This creates safety, which allows the couple to gain a better understanding of each others deeper more wounded feelings and can ultimately create a stronger more meaningful connection. Granted, this type of wound may take longer to heal than the standard course of couples therapy, but partners can actually bounce back stronger and more resilient than ever before. The power of Emotionally Focused Therapy, when coupled with the safety and support of a nurturing therapist such as Carol, can make all the difference.