Gay Couples

Carol offers highly effective Telehealth EFT Therapy for couples in distress. She is licensed in Maryland, AZ, CA, NV, CO.

Relationship Help for Lesbian and Gay Couples

While gay and lesbian couples struggle with many of the same issues straight couples face, there are far more barriers and prejudices same-sex couples encounter that can weaken their relational bond. Similarities may include: communication problems, negative interactional patterns that hijack relationships, parenting struggles, intimacy issues, affairs and financial discord.

However, some bigger more painful struggles same-sex partners experience occur in a social context. This can be a result of discrimination from family, friends and from those in the workplace, as well prejudice from the surrounding community and society at large. Much of this is related to ignorance about same-sex relationships and discrimination. Additionally, parenting issues can cause a serious strain on same-sex relationships because lack of family or community support can put further tension on the relationship.

Not just any therapist is a good match for gay and lesbian couples struggling with their relationship. At CHC, Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT, and Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, has the training to work with same-sex couples in distress by providing a safe and supportive nonjudgmental presence. This additional training assists CHC in being empathically attuned to the needs of lesbian and gay couples. This in turn, helps the couple feel comfortable to talk openly about the unique qualities and struggles of a their relationship.

Emotionally Focused Couples therapy at CHC can be invaluable for any and all relationships, including and especially, same-sex relationships. Helping couples build safe, loving, connection in order to support one another around the societal barriers they face, as well as working through the attachment injuries that create disconnection, makes a transformative shift. We start, in most cases, working through the negative, interactional cycles together, which helps builds a safety and allows us to deepen our work together, thereby building a strong foundation for resilience in the future. 💞

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