Family Counseling

Carol offers highly effective Telehealth EFT Therapy for couples in distress. She is licensed in Maryland, AZ, CA, NV, CO.

Many families become caught in difficult struggles within their lives and homes which results in pain and disconnection.  Not knowing where to turn, can be even more difficult.   Many times parents aren’t on the same page, especially if their marital or close relationships are in distress.

Overtime, these negative patterns of interaction between the parents and the family members become repetitive and painfully stuck.  These stuck patterns are not only frustrating, but are hard to break free from and can become deeply entrenched, making it harder and harder to create nurturing connections.  As these negative cycles of interaction repeat ceaselessly, family members are more likely to become angry, detached or helpless.

Carol has over 25 years of experience working with couples and families experiencing many life transitions and challenges, and can help you and your family break these negative patterns and create healing from the wounds that happened as a result. Helping family members out of these old, negative, patterns in order to connect with loved ones can make all the difference, and Carol can help you with this process.