Family Counseling

Carol H. Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT has almost 30 years of experience working with couples and families experiencing many life transitions and challenges and can help you and your family break these negative patterns and create healing from the wounds that happened as a result.


At times families become caught in difficult struggles causing pain and disconnection.  This may be due to parents not being on the same page, especially if their marital or close relationship is in distress. As parents, there can be a ripple effect on the relationship with the kids.  The kids can feel stressed and worried about their parents as a result. When parents are more relaxed and connected, kids become more relaxed.  Improved connection will also provide the added benefit of knowing you are becoming positive role models for your children, providing them with a healthy, loving, relationship, which in turn sets your kids up for success in their future relationships.


Struggling Adult Children: Many adult children may experience wounding from their relationships with their parents when they were growing up. The parent may also feel hurt by these misunderstandings. Sadly, the pain can continue for a lifetime, resulting in distress and negative patterns of interaction that become stuck between parent and adult child as well as between siblings. With the support of CHC, you are gently guided to navigate through these difficult blocks and reach a better level of connection with your family member.

If you are ready to bridge the gap of disconnection and move towards a secure, loving, and fulfilling relationship, please contact CHC today.

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