Carol Corcoran’s Experience

Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT began working with couples, families, children and individuals over 25 years ago, by providing psychotherapy at seven, diverse, non-profit agencies prior to starting Creating Healthy Connections in 2007. She graduated with a degree in Marriage and Family Psychology, which combined a Family Systems Approach with CBT and attachment theory. After grad school, Carol continued to study and train in many other forms of therapy and settled on an ‘eclectic’ approach to treatment.

In her continued search of a more effective forms of therapy, Carol began studying Emotionally Focused Therapy in 2002 by attending her first training with Dr. Susan Johnson, the primary developer of EFT for couples. She continues ongoing frequent training in EFT learning from many different Certified EFT trainers.

At the same time she pursued her training in EFT, Carol also became a Certified EMDR Therapist in 2005, one of the few in Anne Arundel County. She further deepened the EMDR trauma work with a two-year intensive training by meeting weekly with an expert in Trauma and Ego State therapy. This helped her better understand early childhood trauma and it was there she began focusing more heavily on the impact of attachment.

It wasn’t until she was well into her EFT training and coursework with Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen, a leading, international, EFT consultant and trainer, that Carol realized her approach to therapy with couples and families needed to be ‘pure EFT’. This meant that she need to set aside all other forms of therapy in order to focus primarily on EFT rather than a catch-all approach that was eclectic. It is essential for Emotionally Focused Therapy to be felt and understood at a very deep level, not only by the clients, but especially by the therapist, and being eclectic did not allow for this. EFT is currently the only form of therapy Carol provides when working with couples and families because she has found it to be the most well researched and effective therapy for healing trauma, alleviating depression and anxiety as well as deepening connections and building earned secure attachment.

EFT has been a powerful and richly fulfilling journey for Carol, and has been so very worth it on both a personal and professional level because of the added benefit of helping her own marriage. Dr. Susan Johnson is brilliant researcher and clinician and has provided therapists and researchers around the world with a map of love and emotions in the form of EFT, for which Carol and her clients are truly grateful.

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