Suppressed Emotional Struggles and EFT

In our culture, many males as well as females, are ‘taught’ to suppress their emotions at a very young age. One of the ways these emotions show up when they aren’t deeply felt is to be carried around as boulders of responsibility. Over time this responsibility becomes burdensome and overwhelming and can lead to efforts […]

Turtle and the Badger as it relates to EFT negative cycles

This is a new video on how partners become stuck in the negative, interactional cycle where pursuers are a bit like badgers and withdrawers become more like turtles. A great way to learn about the negative interactional cycles where one pushes for contact and the other avoids connection.

Demon Dialogues

When it comes to arguing couples tend to fall into certain patterns called the ‘Demon Dialogues‘ (click on the link to learn even more). EFT helps us identify where couples become stuck called ‘cycles’ or ‘patterns’. Once identified, it is helpful to understand how we get caught and then slow it down.

The Roller Coaster of Emotion in Couples Therapy Book

The Roller Coaster of Emotion in Couples Therapy Are you considering couples therapy? Reading The Roller Coaster of Emotions in Couples Therapy will help you understand the benefits of couples therapy. This book allows you to enter the process of couples therapy. You will have an intimate view of couple and therapist as they work […]

Addiction and Attachment

What we thought we knew about addiction is not quite right as evidenced by the research indicated in this amazing video by Johann Hari, as he shares how imperative attachment is for recovery. Here is another informative, yet brief video entitled ‘Rat Park’ to help you better understand the power of connection when it comes […]

How to Find the Best Couple Therapist for Your Relationship

At last, you’ve made the decision to find the right couple therapist focused on helping you with your relationship, but now you are faced with where to turn and whom to turn to?  Like most of us, you head to the internet, only to be bombarded by counselors, therapists, social-workers, psychologists, you name it, all […]

What can you expect from EFT for couples?

Being caught in a relationship where your needs are not being met and where you don’t feel heard or understood, is debilitating.  Now there is help in the form of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Couples who successfully complete the process of Emotionally Focused Therapy counseling can expect many of the following results:  Improved communication Feeling supported and […]

Who is EFT Couples Therapy not intended for

If you and your partner are experiencing the following problems, EFT is unlikely suited for you until these issues are resolved: Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence In cases where the couple has ongoing and current relationship violence or aggression, therapy may ill advised or may be seriously contraindicated, as this could pose a safety issue. In […]