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Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, LMFT. A Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.

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  • L.C.M.F.T. with almost 30 years experience
    (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Maryland)
  • L.M.F.T.
    (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist also licensed in CA, CO, AZ, NV)
  • E.F.T. Cert. Therapist
    (Emotionally Focused Therapist Certified)
  • Together with my husband for over 40 years
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists Clinical Fellow
  • CAMFT Clinical Member
    (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)
  • PSI CHI Member Honor Society Member
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As a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist specializing in working with couples in distress, Carol has gained experience, expertise and knowledge in the rigorous process of becoming certified: What is EFT and why is being a Certified EFT Therapist so important?

EFT, when provided in a safe, compassionate, and supportive way, is a form of therapy that is specifically focused on helping partners and their loved ones create deep levels of love and attachment.  This is unlike any other form of couple therapy.

Previously, CHC trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other forms of therapy and found Emotionally Focused Therapy to be far more effective in creating positive change and connection for partners, even if they were struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and adjustment issues, to name a few.

EFT also has substantial research to back it up, indicating a 70-90% success rate. It is for these reasons CHC works exclusively with this well-researched and efficacious, attachment, based therapy known as Emotionally Focused Therapy rather than applying an ‘eclectic’ approach.”

If you seek assistance with your significant relationships, you’ve found the ideal resource. Allow Carol Corcoran, a Licensed Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist with nearly three decades of expertise, to guide you in fostering a more profound connection with yourself and the important people in your life.


My journey of becoming a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist began in 1995, almost 30 years ago in graduate school, where I specifically chose the Psychology of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling in my graduate program.  In 2003, I attended an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) externship at the  International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy at the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute.  There, I began my initial EFT externship with Dr. Sue Johnson herself, the founder and developer of EFT.  Dr. Johnson and other EFT trainers, helped me create a path to heal the pain of trauma and disconnection between partners. This journey lead to my becoming an EFT Certified Therapist which changed my work with couples.  It even helped change my marriage!


My venture into becoming a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist commenced in 1995, almost three decades ago during my graduate school years. I deliberately selected the Psychology of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling as my focus in the graduate program. In 2003, I participated in an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) externship at the  International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, hosted by the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute. During this externship, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Sue Johnson, the originator of EFT, and other EFT trainers. Their guidance enabled me to forge a path in addressing the pain of trauma and disconnection within couples. This transformative journey led to my certification as an EFT therapist, fundamentally altering my approach to working with couples and even positively impacting my own marriage.

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Facilitating profound and enriching connections between partners is a genuine passion of mine. The unparalleled joy arises when couples, initially distant and despondent, begin to feel safe and close. Utilizing the EFT process alongside a secure and nurturing therapeutic approach, I gently guide partners to a place of increased emotional security, enabling them to share their vulnerable feelings with one another in a safer manner. This journey fosters a corrective emotional experience, ultimately fostering deeper bonding between partners.


In my downtime, my husband, a retired U.S.M.C. LTCOL, and I, happily married and together for over 40 years, have found significant value in EFT to fortify our marriage, particularly during challenging times. This journey has led us to a beautiful state of love and connection, continually evolving together. Although our marriage isn’t flawless, we consistently navigate back to each other’s hearts, drawing on the skills we gained from the EFT process. Our shared interests include hiking, biking, traveling, attending concerts, and embracing life together.

If you are ready to bridge the gap of disconnection and move towards a secure, loving, and fulfilling relationship, please contact CHC today.

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